Debitmetru FIX CLAMP-ON IFX-F100



Measuring Principle: Transit time
Velocity range: 0,01 – 25 m/s
Resolution: 0,25 mm/s
Repeatability: 0,15% of measured value
Accuracy: (Flow/Volume) ±1-3% of measured value
depending on application
±0,5% of measured value with
process calibration against
master meter
Accuracy: (velocity) ±0,5% of measured value
Measurement rate 1 Hz as standard
Response time 1 second
Damping of reading 0…99 seconds (selectable)
Solids and gas content in media
Enclosure Robust ABS housing with rubber
shock protector
Protection rate IP65
Working temperature –10 +60 °C (for electronics)
Supply Internal rechargeable batteries
Operation time up to 24 hours with fully charged
Display LCD graphic with back light

Descarca detalii tehnice – Debitmetru FIX CLAMP-ON IFX-F100